Do you pay tax?

Don't give it to the tax man

Give it to the Church instead

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If you pay Income Tax we can recover the tax on any money you give to the Church, whether it is 1 or 1 Million, whether you give regularly each week, or just occasionally. That means that for every 1 you give the Church will receive 1.28. There are no legal documents to sign, no tax forms to complete, no commitment to keep giving (although of course we hope you will).

Ways to give
Giving direct to Church

We will need you to complete a Gift Aid declaration stating your full name, address and post code. You do not have to commit to giving a particular amount and you do not have to complete the declaration before you start giving. Gift Aid forms are available from our treasurer, see below for contact information

Payroll giving
Many employers operate a "Give as you Earn" scheme which enables you to donate a regular sum to charity each month before tax is deducted from your pay. As a result, if you are a basic rate tax-payer, every 10 you give will cost you just 7.80. If you are a higher rate tax-payer the benefit is even greater because you will pay just 6. You can give the money to one or more named charities, or you can pay the money into a special Charities Aid Foundation bank account which allows you to write cheques to charities from your untaxed income.

If your employer operates a "Give as you Earn" scheme please consider joining it and including the Church in your donations.

If you want any further information please don't hesitate to contact me.

John Cannon
Tel: 0208 514 0468